Business Development

At Accord, we constantly endeavor to deliver high quality yet affordable medicines to patients all over the world. To achieve our objective of addressing the unmet medical needs and providing access to quality and affordable medicines, we are constantly looking for partnering opportunities. We believe in strong and long-term relationships that are of mutual benefit to both Accord and its partner.
At Accord Healthcare, we always look for an opportunity to serve the patient community. One of our key strategies is to in-license molecules that are synergistic to our existing portfolio enabling a wider choice to the patients. In return, our vast sales and distribution network provides ready market access to our partner. We approach In-licensing with an open mind and are flexible on the business model, from straight product supply to technology transfer to profit sharing. We are also interested in In-licensing opportunities for value-add products such as those with Novel/New Drug Delivery Systems.
Despite having quite an extensive global presence, Accord healthcare is not present in all countries of the world. We would be happy to explore out-licensing opportunities for countries where we don't have a presence.
At Accord, we are always open to exploring co-marketing opportunities to increase the market exposure. Leveraging on each other’s strengths and to be able to reach out to a larger patient population is our mantra for co-marketing. For a partner, on the one hand Accord offers an extensive portfolio of products and on the other a very vast and growing market reach.
If you wish to explore any other business ideas or opportunities, we are always happy to hear from you.
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