Asia Pacific

Accord Healthcare brings its immense experience in the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical generic products in more than 70 markets around the world also to patients across the Asia Pacific region. With our progressive strategy, fast growing geographical reach and high quality products trusted globally, Accord has set up a regional office in Singapore as well as country offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Accord aims to be involved in all aspects of bringing quality and affordable therapeutic treatments to patients across Asia Pacific through market driven initiatives. As part of its growth strategy, Accord intents to launch its products with focus on various specialty segments such as oncology, critical care, cardio-vascular and central nervous system. Biosimilars play an increasing role in our fast growing portfolio.


The Accord strategy for Australia is primarily based on establishing collaborating alliances with the world’s major generic partners. Over the last 9 years, we have established more than 15 strategic relationships for 29 products. We continuously seek to expand our existing partnerships to new products and establish new relationships in this region.  

At Accord, we are committed to improving lives through innovation.