We believe in taking inventive approach towards the product development. As an example our product offering- are formulated Gemcitabine in highly concentrated form. Whilst several other companies realized that users would prefer a solution versus the original powder product, they took the approach of making the concentration of the solution matching that in the SmPC of the original product.

Instead we stepped back and realized that this approach meant a greater quantity of excipients being given to patients, a greater workload on aseptic pharmacy, greater storage requirements and a greater burden to the environment by having to dispose of more material per patient.

Accord invented the 100mg/ml Gemcitabine solution. This is unique and offers the following advantages over other solution products:

• Easier to calculate dosing schedules reducing the chance of dosing errors

• Less time to withdraw the required dose reducing the burden on aseptic pharmacy

• 4 presentation sizes designed to minimize wastage resulting in financial savings

• Smaller vials resulting in less use of precious storage space and ultimately reducing the material required to be incinerated; an important environmental improvement

• Less inactive excipients being given to patient